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Westdale Baseball Football Fundraiser

Payouts For Regular Season Games Every Week
*Numbers stay the same for the whole game*
1st Quarter   $200                                     3rd Quarter $200
2nd Quarter $200                                      Final Score   $200

SuperBowl Payout
*Numbers change every quarter*
1st Quarter $300 exact score / $100 reverse
Half $600 exact score/ $100 reverse / $25 4 square surrounding
3rd Quarter $300 exact score / $100 reverse
Final $600 exact score/ $100 reverse / $25 4 square surrounding




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Westdale Baseball

Westdale Baseball/Softball is a recreational baseball and softball league in the Leyden Township Community. We are committed to helping our families and are always looking forward to doing everything we can to have Baseball/Softball present in the community.  We look forward to working with all of our players and helping them learn good sportsmanship and the fundamental skills of the sport.  Please continue to follow us for more information as we will be updating this site.